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For Web Security and Proxy, you have several options: you procure them either as a service from the cloud or premises-based in your data centre. The service analyses the traffic between the user and the Internet and evaluates the request. The content is loaded only if everything is okay. This allows creation and implementation of a detailed policy for access from external and internal networks.

Anti Malware/Anti Spyware

The policy decides which incoming and outgoing content is examined for viruses, thus preventing harmful software from getting in.

URL Filtering

The service divides all websites into classes and categories. This allows you to block websites based on these clear categories. If required, you can override the categories at any time and release individual URLs for certain groups or people at your company. In addition, you have the option to classify individual sites yourself.

Application Control/Web Control 2.0

With Application Control, you reliably deactivate undesired functions of websites and do not have to block the entire site. In this way you can, for example, specifically suppress the streaming of audio and video files, chatting, publishing of blogs or uploading and downloading of files.

Bandwidth Management

On average, more than 50% of the available bandwidth of a company's Internet connection is consumed through streaming and other unproductive traffic. So that this does not happen at your company, you can assign various Internet applications minimum and maximum bandwidths with Bandwidth Management.

Advanced threat protection

Advanced threat protection prevents attacks that are hidden in websites. For this, the website is set up in the cloud and analysed in real time. Harmful scripts and content, such as iFrames, JavaScript, XSS, botnets and phishing are prevented from running and are blocked.

Web Access Control (Browser Control)

The cloud recognises the version and update status of the browser you are using and the installed plug-ins, such as Adobe Flash,, DivX, Java, Media Player and Real Player. If the user uses an outdated version or outdated security update, a warning appears. In addition, access to the Internet can be blocked.

Web DLP (data loss prevention)

Every day, a huge quantity of data in the form of files, e-mails and text leaves your company against your wishes, for example, through the uploading of files and transmission of e-mail attachments via Webmail. However, much of this data should not leave the company as it is confidential. The DLP filter scans the outgoing Internet traffic and blocks it if required.

SSL interception

Some websites communicate in an encrypted manner via https. Usually, encrypted web traffic is excluded from security scanning. With SSL interception, you can also activate the Web Security functions for https: on request, the encrypted Web traffic is decrypted and then encrypted and forwarded to the recipient.

Recurring services

Security Incident Monitoring and Management

A security incident is a potential attack on one of your company’s systems. Incidents are classified by the system and shown in the security dashboard. An analyst examines harmful attacks while harmless and false attacks are logged.

Proxy, Web antivirus and Web filter management

This service ensures recurring updates and allows categories to be maintained. This includes manufacturer feed, updates that you requested as a change and the daily updating of antivirus patterns and the tuning of the policies in accordance with the best practice.


In the Security Dashboard, you can create various reports for the Web Security and Proxy Services and download them as PDF files. For example:

I want to know more about the Security Dashboard and reporting.

Web filtering

  • The most active users
  • The most popular categories
  • The most frequently blocked URLs
  • The most frequent user violations
  • The most frequent violations by category
  • The most popular URLs
  • The most frequently accessed content

Web Antivirus

  • The most frequent URLs with viruses
  • The most frequently blocked URLs
  • The most frequent malware

How you benefit

You enjoy additional protection against malware and advanced threats.

The service relieves the burden on your firewall and Internet connection.

You can analyse the Web traffic.