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With the Managed Application Delivery Service, you ensure that your web applications are available to specified users. Internet users have access to the Application Delivery Controller (ADC), which simplifies access administration. The ADC takes care of routing to the relevant applications.

Recurring services

Health Monitoring and Incident Management

Swisscom ensures that health incidents are processed within the defined service level times. If a security device cannot be reached, Swisscom resolves the error and informs you immediately.

Security Incident Monitoring and Management

The service collects all events and generates security incidents based on the automatic threat analyses. These are divided into different classes depending on their criticality and the further measures are discussed with the customer.

Traffic Load-Balancing:
To dynamically distribute the request volume across different servers, load balancing is used. This permits queries to one IP address to be distributed across any desired number of IP addresses, allowing the response times of the servers to be improved considerably. This module can be used in an internal network or in combination with a ADC.

Reverse Proxy:
When a website is accessed, a connection is established from the client to the ADC. Incoming connections on the ADC are subjected to a basic check. Then the ADC establishes a new connection to the web server.

SSL Inspection
The web server is addressed using an encrypted protocol (HTTPS). The encrypted connection is broken down on the load balancer and examined. Then a new encrypted connection is established to the destination server.

Geo location enforcement
Access to your web server can be restricted to certain countries.

Application attack signatures
To provide protection from known attack patterns and weak points, the relevant signatures of the manufacturers used are activated. This blocks known attacks such as SQL injection.

User authentication
Single sign-on via various authentication protocols.

Client VPN
Client-to-portal VPN or client-to-site VPN to guarantee protected access for clients.


In the MSS-i dashboard you can compile extensive reports in accordance with your needs and display them in real time or download them as PDF files.

I want to know more about the Security Dashboard and reporting.

Change Management

Changes to security devices is part of the service. These can be initiated in the MSS-i dashboard at any time, for example, modifying the load-balancing settings and tuning the Web Application Firewall.

Release and Patch Management

Swisscom regularly tests manufacturers’ patches and releases and, following approval, implements them automatically.

Configuration and Backup Management

Swisscom takes care of all current configurations and ensures that backups are stored securely and clearly. This allows older configurations to be restored at any time if required.

Life Cycle Management

Swisscom uses only hardware and software that is state of the art.

How you benefit:

You protect your applications that are available via the Web.

This service prevents unwanted attacks on your applications.

MSS-i detects and prevents attacks.