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With Managed WAN Encryption Service, you encrypt your lines and connections on layer 2 (data-link layer) securely and reliably. Layer-2 connections are suitable, among other things, for connections between computer centres and for encrypting various protocols, such as FiberChannel, Ficon and Ethernet. For layer-3 connections, you need the Managed Firewall/VPN-Service .

Good reasons for layer-2 encryption

  • You make optimal use of the bandwidth.
  • You control the traffic yourself.
  • You can perform the key management yourself.
  • You benefit from a dedicated hardware encryption.
  • You can easily integrate the encryption into an existing layer-2 network.

Recurring services

Health Monitoring and Incident Management

Swisscom guarantees that health incidents are processed within the defined service level times. If a security device cannot be reached, Swisscom resolves the problem and informs you immediately.


The dashboard shows you the availability of the link encryption per month at any time.

I want to know more about the Security Dashboard and reporting.

Key management (optional)

Swisscom renews the master communication key (and also the broadcast communication key in the case of point-to-multi-point connections) every 12 months.

How you benefit

You encrypt your WAN routes in accordance with regulatory specifications (e.g. FINMA).

You encrypt various protocols.

You encrypt high bandwidths without any loss in performance.

You do not have any additional latency times.