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Mail Security garanties your security and productivity for your emails and works with all mail servers. Without additional hard- or software installation the service is configured within minutes.

Anti-virus and anti-spyware

Scans and filters malicious attachements based on signatures and a combination of the best scanning engines. Additional heuristics block unknown, yet new attacks (first wave). Fully configureable, e.g. certain file formats can be blocked or excluded from scanning. Both incoming and outgoing emails are filtered.


Multiple state of the art techniques deliver the best spam detection rates. You have full control of the settings, rules and logs within the admin portal, with a best practice configuration already prepared. Quarantaine, automatic delete, simple restore and black-/whitelisting are all intuitively available in the admin portal. The service guarantees the best data privacy, as email content is never visible in the admin portal (only email headers).

Mail delivery assurance

If your e-mail server fails, the cloud automatically retains the incoming e-mails until the e-mail server is back online. This guarantees that your e-mails are not lost. In addition, the cloud protects your e-mail server against DOS attacks and floods of incoming e-mail that could be generated by botnets.

Inflow/outflow traffic policies

With inflow/outflow traffic policies, you define transmission rules for your incoming and outgoing e-mails based on the sender or the recipient. These rules allow you to block e-mails, forward them to a predefined mailbox or to filter attachments.

Encryption enforcement

With encryption enforcement, you can force transmission of incoming and outgoing e-mails via an encrypted channel. In this way, you ensure that e-mails between the cloud and the e-mail server are transmitted securely. For example, you could define that all the e-mails you send to a law firm are to be sent via an encrypted TLS channel.

E-mail DLP (data loss prevention)

Every day, a huge quantity of data in the form of files, e-mails and text leaves your company against your wishes, for example, through the uploading of files and transmission of e-mail attachments. However, much of this data should not leave the company as it is confidential. The DLP filter scans all outgoing e-mail traffic and blocks it if required. For the criteria, you can use sensitive information such as credit card numbers, AHV numbers, bank accounts or words, sentences or filter formats

E-mail analytics

Every security incident that takes place in the cloud is logged and shown in the dashboard.

How you benefit

You define the transmission rules for incoming and outgoing e-mails.

You protect yourself reliably against spam, viruses and malware.

You do not lose any e-mails.

No additional hardware, software or maintenance required, configured within minutes for your mailserver.

You have access to the dashboard with all the security incidents at all times.