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With the DDoS Protection Service, you can protect your company from online attacks and ensure that your service platform remains operational. You can guarantee permanent, secure access to your systems, even during an attack. This increases your customers’ confidence and ensures that your online platform is always accessible.

Malicious attacks launched via the Internet are a real and growing threat. The aim of socalled DDoS attacks (‘denial of service by multiple computers’) is to massively restrict the availability of certain online systems and services or to deny access to them completely. By exploiting vulnerabilities in operating systems, programs, services or network protocols, a deliberate attempt is made to cause the attacked systems to crash. The DDoS Protection Service detects such attacks at any early stage and effectively blocks them.

Recurring services

  • Effectively protect your online platform against DDoS attacks up to and including the transport layer (OSI layer 4)
  • Your online platform is available even during DDoS attacks
  • Dynamically detect DDoS attacks with the help of traffic anomaly detection
  • Defence against DDoS attacks by your security or network administrator via Internet or help desk
  • 24/7 support via help desk and our team of experts
  • DDoS Protection enhanced: permanent local inline traffic analysis and proactive defence against DDoS attacks up to and including the application layer (OSI layer 7), based on a dedicated protection system
  • Individual filter configuration incl. autodetection and automitigation, tailored to your IT infrastructure and applications

How you benefit

You can rely on proactive notification in the event of DDoS attacks.

“Friendly users” can access your systems even during a DDoS attack.

Permanent, dynamic detection and blocking of DDoS attacks is guaranteed.