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Swisscom takes care of the sustainable management of your security infrastructure. For this, MSS-i provides various solutions that are perfectly coordinated and allow smooth collaboration between the platform, analyst and customer. All services are regulated with a service level agreement (SLA). Select the right SLA based on your personal security requirements.

Health Incident Management

MSS-i uses health incident monitors to keep an eye on the load on your security devices, such as firewalls. If MSS-i detects a bottleneck, the Swisscom security experts quickly suggest a solution.

Availability Incident Management

MSS-i uses availability incident management monitors to monitor the guaranteed availability and evaluates the results.

Security Incident Monitoring and Management

This service collects security-relevant events. It then creates and classifies security incidents based on the automatic threat analyses.

Problem Management

Swisscom examines the causes of actual and potential faults and ensures that these are sustainably resolved.

Release and Patch Management

Swisscom checks releases and patches and automatically installs them – as long as this makes sense and does not endanger the security or stability.

Change Management

You can initiate the required change in the dashboard at the click of a mouse. Swisscom checks whether the change makes sense, and then performs it scrupulously, including a detailed report for you.