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Top level security requires a lot: Perfect interaction between man and machine. Clearly defined processes. Highly qualified employees. And adherence to all key standards, recommendations and regulatory specifications. For this reason, MSS-i stands on four strong pillars.

We really are always there for you:

Security Operation Center

Swisscom is the leading Swiss security provider. MSS-i operates a Security Operation Center in Switzerland in which security experts are on site round the clock – not simply on call. This allows the security experts from Swisscom to react quickly and flexibly to a security-relevant situation.

We keep going when nothing works any more.

The Swisscom Security Operation Center is located in a catastrophe-secure site in Zurich with a four-level physical security concept including its own electricity supply. If the Security Operation Center fails completely, the Swisscom specialists continue working in a geo-redundant center in Berne or Basel.

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Man and machine in harmony:

Security Management

The highly secure MSS-i Security Management is based on sophisticated interaction between man and machine. Mature technical solutions and highly specialised human expertise complement one another in a unique service for companies that want to effectively protect their IT and their infrastructure.

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We have a direct line:

Threat Intelligence

MSS-i takes care of everything that relates to reliably and sustainably protecting your IT and networks. For this, it is necessary to recognise dangers early and draw the right conclusions. For this reason, Swisscom monitors various feeds, incorporates the findings from concrete cases into policies, correlates feeds and logs in an intelligent manner and allows people and machines to work hand in hand. Without breaks. Round the clock.

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dashboard screenshot
dashboard screenshot

Those who place the security of their IT environment in the hands of others want to know what these hands are doing. The Swisscom Dashboard informs you in real time about the current security status of the various components as well as the current threat situation. In addition, it gives you the option to go into depth on various details. Any time and from anywhere.

At the start of sustainable compliance, there are three options: 1. You have to adhere to guidelines because the state, the industry or the administrative board releases relevant specifications. 2. You want to adhere to guidelines. 3. You have to and want to adhere to guidelines – which is without a doubt the best initial situation.

In all three cases, the question arises: “How do you measure compliance?” An external audit ties up resources: it costs a great deal of time and even more money – and this happens every year. For this reason, it is beneficial for you to rely on a partner who will take on this work for you and, in the process, fulfil the highest standards – this is faster, easier and cheaper.

You are always compliant. The question is only to whom or to what. Swisscom orientates itself to national and international standards and is certified in accordance with both ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000. In addition, MSS-i adheres to the recommendations of FINMA and Swiss data protection law. And because compliance never ends, Swisscom is audited by external auditors every year.