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More than 100 small, large and very large companies from various branches already place their trust in MSS-i. They work in Switzerland or as Swiss multinationals and have MSS-i manage their security on all 5 continents.

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The industries of MSS-i customers

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Emergency services
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • IT/telecommunications
  • Public sector
  • Production
  • Transport
  • Insurance

Python & Peter

Internet access with effective protection

Highest confidentiality, discretion and data security are essential pillars of business for the Geneva-based law firm Python & Peter. Its more than 80 lawyers rely on highly available e-mail and Web access with maximum protection for communication with their clients.

How can a company reduce its workload when it comes to the complex issues surrounding Internet access and security? Python & Peter shows how this works. With Managed Security Services from Swisscom, the IT department has created key freedoms. The complete package includes a powerful, redundant Internet connection, a firewall including round-the-clock monitoring by Swisscom and a strong protective shield against spam and malware.

Today, the law firm’s Web and e-mail traffic is perfectly protected. Swisscom takes care of all the IT and security-related aspects of Internet access with Managed Services – seamlessly and efficiently. An important point for the IT department: Swisscom security specialists take care of their concerns in the shortest possible time.

Python & Peter

“Our security is always up to date – and we save two hours of work daily.”

Pascal Fontaine, IT Manager, Python & Peter

  • Giuseppe Gioiello

    Leiter Informatik, WALO-Gruppe

    Dank Swisscom’s Security-Dashboard verfügen wir über maximale Transparenz. Diese Transparenz hilft uns im Alltag und erleichtert unsere tägliche Arbeit.

  • Pascal Fontaine

    IT Manager, Python & Peter

    Our security is always up to date – and we save two hours of work daily.

  • Stefan Strehler

    IT Platform Management, BANK-now

    Dank MSS-i sind wir rund um die Uhr von Security Experten aus dem SOC betreut.

Privatbank IHAG

The backup computer centre on the safe side

The 93 employees of Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG offer their customers an extensive and personal service. Discretion is just as important here as security and efficiency. With a view to protecting data and operating processes against loss and failure, the bank has set up a backup computer centre.

When it comes to telehousing for the new backup computer centre, IHAG relies on services from Swisscom. These services fully meet the tough demands placed on the building infrastructure, as Swisscom guarantees redundant electricity and data lines, air conditioning, secured access and powerful data encryption around the clock.

Thanks to the service solution for data encryption, IHAG does not need to acquire its own expertise. With a reliable backup infrastructure, the bank can concentrate on its core business, knowing that all the necessary precautions have been taken for emergencies.

Privatbank IHAG

“Our backup computer centre increases data security and operating reliability.”

Daniel Albisser, Head of IT & Organisation, Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG

  • Daniel Bombis

    Head of IT Platform , Hamilton Bonaduz AG

    Security issues are becoming more and more important. It’s great that Swisscom is helping us with a standard global solution.

  • Daniel Weiss

    Projektleiter, ZbW - Zentrum für berufliche Weiterbildung

    Wir vertrauen Swisscom in Fragen zum Thema Netzwerksicherheit. Dank dem proaktiven 7x24h-Schutz wissen wir jederzeit, wie es unserer Security-Infratruktur geht.

  • Daniel Albisser

    Head of IT & Organisation, Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG

    Our backup computer centre increases data security and operating reliability.

From SMEs to large enterprises:
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Whether your sites, branches and subsidiaries are in Switzerland or abroad, MSS-i provides all services from within Switzerland. And they even do this round the clock. This means all time zones are covered.

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