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More security, lower costs:

Why you are playing it safe with MSS-i.

Security: the prerequisite for business success.

Whether you are a small, medium-sized or large enterprise, success goes hand-in-hand with the IT and networks. For this reason, you should protect your IT, and thus ensure the security and stability of your networks, the availability of the central applications and the communication between those involved round the clock. Only in this way can you effectively protect the key assets and your data – and thereby ensure the long-term success of your company.

Managed Security: the secure and affordable solution.

Many companies are faced with a dilemma: on the one hand, their IT requires increasingly effective protection against cyber risks. However, on the other hand, the financial means to do so are constantly decreasing. As a consequence, more and more companies are outsourcing the security of their IT and networks to specialist companies and thus ensuring maximum security for a figure that can be planned.

Swisscom MSS-i: The strong security partner that operates round the clock.

Swisscom MSS-i is the leading provider of Managed Security in Switzerland and the security provider with its own Security Operation Center, manned round the clock. The security experts at MSS-i ensure round the clock that firewalls, VPN, IDS, Web security/proxy, e-mail security and WAN encryption work without problems.

The unique mix of human and machine at the Swisscom Security Operation Center ensure maximum security, for what humans do not notice, the MSS-i service sees with its correlation options. And, vice versa, what the technology does not achieve, humans do with their expertise.

The MSS-i services have a modular structure – simply select which modules fit best to your company and your requirements. However you decide, you will receive certified security at a constant cost that can be planned. And you will also have the reassuring certainty that you are protected when it comes to cyber security and can use your own resources in an efficient and target-oriented manner.

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  • Giuseppe Gioiello

    Leiter Informatik, WALO-Gruppe

    Dank Swisscom’s Security-Dashboard verfügen wir über maximale Transparenz. Diese Transparenz hilft uns im Alltag und erleichtert unsere tägliche Arbeit.

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  • Daniel Weiss

    Projektleiter, ZbW - Zentrum für berufliche Weiterbildung

    Wir vertrauen Swisscom in Fragen zum Thema Netzwerksicherheit. Dank dem proaktiven 7x24h-Schutz wissen wir jederzeit, wie es unserer Security-Infratruktur geht.

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  • Daniel Bombis

    Head of IT Platform , Hamilton Bonaduz AG

    Security issues are becoming more and more important. It’s great that Swisscom is helping us with a standard global solution.

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  • Daniel Albisser

    Head of IT & Organisation, Privatbank IHAG Zürich AG

    Our backup computer centre increases data security and operating reliability.

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  • Pascal Fontaine

    IT Manager, Python & Peter

    Our security is always up to date – and we save two hours of work daily.

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  • Stefan Strehler

    IT Platform Management, BANK-now

    Dank MSS-i sind wir rund um die Uhr von Security Experten aus dem SOC betreut.

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Good reasons for MSS-i

Your benefits at a glance.

  1. You know that the Swiss Security Operation Center from Swisscom is taking care of your company’s security 24 hours a day.
  2. You can access the expert knowledge of Swisscom’s security specialists round the clock.
  3. You regularly meet regulatory and branch-specific compliance requirements and recommendations.
  4. You place your trust in a local partner who knows what you require and, if necessary, acts on your behalf worldwide.
  5. With the Security Dashboard, you have access to a real-time overview of security at your company round the clock.
  6. You ensure that everything is up to date and stable with proactive lifecycle management.
  7. You benefit from various scaling effects and thus reduced costs.

Everything that’s important in 260 seconds:

MSS-i in action

Take a look at the Swisscom Security Operation Center and discover how Swisscom’s customers effectively increase their security and sustainably protect themselves against cyber attacks with MSS-i.

Certainly a good decision:


Do you need to adhere to standards and recommendations? Or do you want to adhere to standards and recommendations? Whatever the case, with Swisscom MSS-i, you play it safe. MSS-i fulfils all the key standards: ISAE 3402, ISO 27001, the recommendations of FINMA and Swiss data protection law. Thus, in the future, you can save yourself the trouble of obtaining expensive certifications for your company.

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Security for every requirement.

Whether you are responsible for the overall success, IT, security or finances at your company, MSS-i provides you with tangible benefits and is also worthwhile from your point of view.


  • You know that the security of your company is in good hands and can take care of other things.
  • You decide on a service level agreement and benefit from clearly defined services.
  • You enjoy cost security and transparency.
  • You ensure maximum stability in operations.
  • With the dashboard, you always have an overview and can create meaningful reports at the press of a button.
  • You have access to highly specialised security experts seven days a week round the clock.


  • You know that your security solutions meet the highest national and international standards and recommendations.
  • Your cyber security is supported broadly and in a future-proof manner.
  • With Security Dashboard, you always have an overview and can create meaningful reports at the press of a button.
  • You receive key information on any vulnerable areas.
  • You have access to detailed information regarding the security status of your infrastructure at all times.
  • You have access to highly specialised security experts seven days a week round the clock.


  • You eliminate internal cost drivers and benefit from synergies.
  • You know that your security solutions meet the highest national and international standards and recommendations.
  • You replace risk items with uniform costs that can be planned.
  • You decide on a service level agreement and know exactly what you will receive.
  • You know that you have your security under control and can concentrate on other projects.

For the effective protection of your company network:

Select the right solution for your requirements.

MSS-i is the modular extended Swisscom Managed Security Service. The individual services complement one another perfectly and fit together optimally. Simply select which modules fit best to your company and your requirements.

So that not just anybody can access and leave your sites at will:

Managed Firewall/VPN

With Managed Firewall/VPN, you protect your company network reliably against attacks from the Internet.

  • MSS-i ensures that your firewall is always up to date.
  • Integrate the service into your infrastructure and supplement it with modules as required.
  • Benefit from real-time monitoring by security experts.

So that you know and ward multifaced Cyber-Threats befor the damage.

Managed UTM

With «Managed UTM» (Unified Threat Management) you protect your company and your empoyees comprehensive and sustainable.

  • Detect unauthorised access in real time.
  • Define the traffic behaviour of your organisation.
  • MSS-i takes care that your Cyber-Security is always up to date.

Making you the first to know when you have unwanted visitors:

Managed IDS/IPS

With Managed IDS, Swisscom detects hazardous data traffic for your company in real time for attack patterns and logging abnormalities.

  • Detect unauthorised access in real time.
  • Have relevant security events filtered and processed by intelligent correlation.
  • Monitor the traffic behaviour of your organisation.

Allowing your employees to surf securely:

Managed Web Security / Proxy

With Managed Web Security/Proxy, you protect your company and your employees against attacks from the Internet.

  • Keep control of access to the Internet.
  • Relieve the burden on your firewall and the Internet connection.
  • Secure additional protection against malware and advanced threats.

Allowing you to receive and send e-mails securely:

Managed Mail Security

With Managed Mail Security, you filter e-mails in real time and only then forward them to the recipient.

  • Define the transmission rules for incoming and outgoing e-mails.
  • Protect yourself reliably against SPAM, viruses and malware.
  • Automatically prevent e-mails with sensitive content from being sent.

Preventing your applications from turning into self-service shops:

Managed Application Delivery

With the "Managed Application Delivery", you ensure that your web applications are available to specified users.

  • Protect your applications that are available via the Web.
  • This service prevents unwanted access to your applications.
  • The service detects and prevents attacks at an early stage.

Preventing your competitors from listening in:

Managed WAN Encryption

With Managed WAN Encryption Service, you encrypt your lines and connections on layer 2 (Ethernet service, optical-link service) reliably and securely.

  • Encrypt your WAN routes in accordance with regulatory specifications (e.g. FINMA).
  • Encrypt high bandwidths without any loss in performance.
  • Encrypt various protocols.

Effective protection from online threats:

DDoS Protection Service

With the DDoS Protection Service, you can protect your company from online attacks and ensure that your service platform remains operational.

  • You can rely on proactive notification in the event of DDoS attacks.
  • “Friendly users” can access your systems even during a DDoS attack.
  • Permanent, dynamic detection and blocking of DDoS attacks is guaranteed.

From SMEs to large enterprises:
Security around the globe.

Whether your sites, branches and subsidiaries are in Switzerland or abroad, MSS-i provides all services from within Switzerland. And they even do this round the clock. This means all time zones are covered.

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